Your Home’s First Line of Defence Against the Elements.
Economical asphalt shingles, durable metal panels, eco-friendly rubber roofing and more.

Your roof truly is your home’s first line of defense against the elements, protecting you from rain, snow, hail and everything else Mother Nature throws at you. It’s important to not only have a functional roof, but one that is aesthetically pleasing as well. With a seemingly endless number of options available, you can trust Renewall Projects to help you find the right product and application for your home.

Our Roofing Products

Laminated Asphalt Shingles

Renewall Roof Shingles CalgaryWith an attractive design that gives a dimensional appearance, laminated asphalt shingles have set the standard for residential roofing. A wide selection of colours will satisfy your style and a limited lifetime warranty will give you peace of mind. Check out some of our options below, or view all on our Colour & Style page.

Vintage Shadow BlackVintage Boreal GreenVintage Silver GreyView All Colours

High Wind Asphalt Shingles

Renewall High Wind ShinglesWith the same trusted laminate design but with an added reinforced nailing strip, these high wind asphalt shingles can withstand gusts up to 210 km/h with only 4 nails. Perfect for windy areas or secluded homes with limited access, these shingles are going to stay put in even the strongest of storms. Check out some of our options below. Check out some of our options below, or view all on our Colour & Style page.

Chateau GreenQuarry GrayDesert TanView All Colours

Impact Resistant Asphalt Shingles

Renewall_shingles3Made tough for our brutal Alberta hail storms, these shingles come with the industry’s highest available Impact Resistance Rating – Class 4. A combination of ultra-strong fibreglass mats and SBS modified bitumen enables these shingles to outperform and outlast standard asphalt shingles and they have the warranty to back it up. Check out some of our options below, or view all on our Colour & Style page.

Earth Tone CedarRiviera RedDual BrownView All Colours

Elegant Heavyweight Asphalt Shingles

Heavyweight ShinglesIf you’re looking for the elegant styling of wood shakes without the maintenance then this is the roofing product for you. With a Class 4 Impact Resistance Rating, an optional wind warranty upgrade to over 200 km/h and a unique and attractive design, these shingles are head and shoulders above the rest. Check out some of our options below, or view all on our Colour & Style page.

Weathered StoneNatural WoodHeatherView All Colours


Watch above as a 2” ice projectile is fired at a Euroshield roof at 294 km/h – and it doesn’t leave a mark.

This roofing product is both mean and green. A Class 4 Resistance Rating wasn’t enough for Euroshield and beneath that tough exterior you’ll find up to 95% recycled material—making Euroshield one of the most sustainable roofing products on the market.

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Metal RoofingTried and true for decades, metal is still one of the most reliable and long lasting roofing systems in the world. From basic bolt down, to heavy gauge standing seam, to attractive metal shingles, there’s a metal roofing option that appeals to everyone. Check out some of our options below, or view all on our Colour & Style page.

Tile RedCharcoalLight StoneView All Colours


waldunSimply put, the warmth and beauty of a cedar roof just can’t be beat. Trusted for centuries and always in style, if you’re looking for a timeless roof then this is the product for you. With styles ranging from heavy hand split shakes to perfect taper sawn shingles, there’s bound to be a cedar product that suits your taste.

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Did you know?

Laminated asphalt shingles last approximately 30 years under normal conditions. Unfortunately there are a number of factors that may accelerate the deterioration of your shingles so not every roof can expect the same service life. Other types of roofing such as metal or rubber can last up to 50 years.

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What’s Right For Me?

Things to consider when choosing your roof

Asphalt shingles are the most prevalent and economical choice for the average homeowner in Airdrie, Rocky View, Calgary, and the surrounding areas. Advances in materials and manufacturing technology have dramatically increased the service life of asphalt shingles over the past several years. For example, standard shingles now come with lifetime warranties—a major improvement from the 15-20 year warranties we used to see.

Premium asphalt shingles come in many different styles, and many are now being modified with SBS (a rubberized compound) which greatly increases the impact resistance of the shingle. Many such products, Malarkey Legacy for example, now have a Class 4 impact rating from Underwriters’ Laboratories—the industry standard for testing shingles against the impact of hail. This is particularly important in our area, where hail storms can be frequent and devastating.

Metal roofing products are a good choice to consider if you’re looking for something even more durable. Renewall Projects offers bolt down or standing seam panels, as well as metal shingles, in dozens of different colours and a variety of options for the thickness of the material. Many of the metal products we carry come with 40- or 50-year warranties and often last generations. Even in severe hail storms where the metal may become dented, it is extremely rare for a metal roof to actually be punctured and leak—minimizing the risk of interior damage in the most brutal of storms. And when the time finally does come to replace a metal roof, the old materials are 100% recyclable, greatly reducing the environmental impact of the project!

Euroshield roofing is another environmentally conscious choice. Made right here in Calgary, using approximately 95% recycled materials, Euroshield Roofing is keeping tires out of the landfill while keeping your home safe and dry. Euroshield Roofing materials are available in distinctive and attractive designs which also add aesthetic value to any home. On top of their sustainable production and tasteful design, they also boast a high level of quality with a lifetime warranty that will give you peace of mind for years to come.

Whatever you envision, Renewall Projects can help make it a reality. Give us a call today and let us help you with your next roofing project!

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